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Food Deliveries to Zsámbék

In Zsámbék, a small city close to Budapest, the All Nations Lions Club Budapest supports the social work of the Nobertine Sisters. The sisters provide in Zsámbék and in its neighborhood help to a high number of families and children in need by delivering basic help like for example support for housing or food deliveries.

Since many years the All Nations Lions Club Budapest contributes to this work, arranging monthly food deliveries that make sure that approximately 60 to 80 children get proper food. The club spends approximately 1.8 million forints per year for this program.

"Since many years the All Nations Lions Club is one of the very prominent supporters of our social work. Without such help we could not succeed."

Sister Katharina, Matron of the Norbertine Sisters in Zsámbék

We made children in need smile again

1000 Santa bags from All Nations Lions Club

In 2011, members of All Nations Lions Club Budapest continued our traditional project and again prepared 1000 giftbags to help Santa Claus. The presents were given to children in need at the Ózd Hétes Roma Quarter, the SAREPTA Home, the Topház Special Home at Göd, the Kovács Zoltán Kindergarten at Csepel, the Elementary School of Blind Children (Vakok Általános Iskolája), and to Zsámbék.

Thanks to generous donations the Santa bags were full of nice gifts, books, balls, drinks, sweets, and even tracksuits.

Our members delivered the giftbags in person and participated in the various celebrations; it made us so happy to the children's smiling faces.

Our sponsors were: Chipita Hungary Kft, Alföldi Tej Kft, Weener PlasticKft., Animus Kiadó, Herber Hausner Kft., Unicredit Bank, Decathlon Hungary, Nestlé Hungary, Penny Market, Art’Otel.

Please also check out our animation here.
Donation from the Netherlands to the Katicabogár (Ladybird) Kindergarten in Mezőberény

Thanks to our member Jeff Leever, we received a donation of good-quality kindergarten equipment from the Netherlands. With this equipment we could help the Katicabogár German Evangelical Kindergarten, as well as the baby-mother club in the parish of Mezőberény.

The children were happy to use the new furniture and toys, and in the spring, they will be able to use the outdoor equipment, too.

The kindergarten takes care of 75 kids. It is the oldest kindergarten in Mezőberény.

Thanks to the donation they can further improve their support to the people in their region.

Eye screening and glass donation

As you know the main profile of the Lions is helping the blind and partially sighted. Monika Novak one of our hardworking members is an optician and regularly assists under privileged children and adults with free eye screening.

We supported KOVÁCS ZOLTÁN KINDERGARTEN from Cseppel we would like to thank our sponsors:

Ophthalmologist, children specialist Dr. Czövek Irén, she helps us free 5 years ago

ARGUS OPTIK KFT, measure equipments, computer, they deliver everything free to the place and let us use all the special technical instruments free since 2006. Marketing manager, Mr. Szita László, he is always there personally and ready to help us.

Carl Zeiss Vision Hungary Kft, Rósa Gergely sales and marketing manager support us this year again (they did it in the last 5 years also) 100 pair of eyeglasses lenses produced by Zeiss

Novák Optika and Monika, with all our knowledge and workshop to make ready the eyeglasses. The frames we collected 4-5 years ago from the Hungarian private opticians. They gave us free them.

Zsámbék project 2011
The Zsámbék deliveries continue, the All Nations Lions Club Budapest increased its monthly contribution, the sisters at Zsambek help 300 families and indirectly 3000 people. The sisters also fund a school which is helping uneducated young adults gain vocational skills. See our latest photographs taken during delivery.
Braille machines for the Association of Blind and Partially sighted

The All Nations Lions Club held an event at La Sostia to show 2010 activity and thank sponsors and friends to the club for their support, 40 guests participated, Kőlyuk Bormanufaktúra/Zoltan Toth and Sandor Kovacs showcased their wines Zoltan Toth and Firenzo Bori exchanged club flags and pins with the Italian Lions Club members who had been a great support to us by paying two thirds of the costs of a braille machine and donating used toys that were forwarded to under privileged children the event was a success with all sponsors and friends pledging their continued support


Santa Claus is here again in 2010
All Nations Lions Club Budapest has prepared 1.000 Mikulás csomag (Santa Claus bags) to continue its yearly charity project. The packages this year were delivered to the Elementary School for Blind Children, to the Special School and Home of San Marco street Budapest, to underprivileged children of Ózd, to the Pető Institute, to Pilis Elderly Home, to the SAREPTA Home, and to the village of Szelevény and Zsámbék. We are thankful for our kind sponsors who supported us with various products (e.g.: books, balls, drinks, sweets, toys). The members of the All Nations Lions Club Budapest delivered these 1.000 bags to make the underprivileged children and people happy for the Santa celebration. Our sponsors were: Italian Chamber of Commerce, Premium Dental, Chipita Hungary Kft., Ferrero, Alföldi Tej Kft., Weener PlasticKft., Animus Kiadó, Bonbonetti Kft. Herber Hausner Kft., Unicredit Bank, Ciba Vision, U.S. Product Medical Kft., Zamur Kft., Optifree, Catone.
Sporting equipment to Pilis, May-June 2010.

The Pilis Handicapped Children Home shelters 80 mildly and moderatly affected children. The sport in general has a very positive effect on these children’s phisical and mental development.

The most frequently practised sports are bicycle, table tennis and fancy jumping.

Our club donated 300.000.- Ft worth of protective helmets, ping-pong table and racquets and a springboard with a very special protection net.

Playground in Törökbálint

During summertime 2010, we invested and opened a new playground in the garden of the Törökbálint Családsegítő Központ ( Family Assistance Center ) making 580 families’ and 300 children’s life easier, giving them a „Beacon of Hope” as the motto of our International President goes this year.

On the official opening ceremony animated by Csokonáné Vizkelety Ildikó, Center Director, the President and Charity Officer of the All Nations Lions Club, Ms. Teréz TÁL and Ms.Monika NOVAK were also present. We are proud of this 450.000.- Ft project that the children took immediately possession of and that the local people later baptised: „WHERE THE PLAYGROUND IS” FAMILY ASSISTANCE CENTER

Lions-Leo Charity Concert for blind students
After a one week long music camp organized by the All Nations Lions Club Budapest and Jenő Hubay Music School our club and the Pest-Buda LEO Club jointly organized the camp ending charity concert. The event took place at the Elementary School for Blind Students - Nádor Hall, which is one of the most beautiful concert hall in Budapest. Two young and talented students from the Elementary School for Blind Students performed wonderfully, than the participants of the music camp, 25 children from Esslingen, Germany and other 10 students from the Jenő Hubay Music School of Budapest XVth District performed a 45 minutes long concert where they played among others Verdi, Bartók and Die Telemanner.
The income of the charity concert supports the summer sport camp of the Elementary School for Blind Students.
Santa Claus in Ózd Hétes

We delivered 220 bags and  distributed them among the roma children at the Hétes quarter in Ózd.

This time, it has been a real event, the movie director Kriszta Bódis ( who has been assisting them for several years) had organised a large team of volunteers for the distribution of the bags. We formed 3 groups, in all the groups there has been a Santa Claus, and 2-3 Black Peters ( krampusz), guitars, etc  . The groups divided among themselves the roma quarter  and we entered each and every flat, chanting X-mas and Santa songs, distributing the packages to the children.
It was an emotionally shocking experience and we could see that - even amidst the utmost misery, the severest conditions we cannot even imagine -  there is love and caring.
Experiences like that really teach us humility and strengthen our engagement towards service of the less fortunate.
A Mikulas bag is not much, but it meant a moment of joy and contentment for the children in an otherwise blank and not the least motivating environment….

NESTLE – one of our main sponsors for the event wrote:


Many thanks for your mail. I am really glad that we contributed in a modest way to put a smile on their faces...
Thibault MOURGUES, Marketing Director


You can see some pictures at the following link:

New playground unveiled in Beloiannisz
With the devoted help of All Nations Lions Club Budapest the old playgorund of Beloiannisz had been renewed. The official handover ceremony was held at 23rd September, 2009 where Mayor Rizojanisz Kosztasz, All Nations Lions Club Budapest president Teréz Tál, club members Elias Goletsas, Monika Novak and Comercial attaché of Greek Embassy Mr. Zanetos Karatzis attended and gave welcome and congratulatory speeches. The ceremony, which marked the official opening of the playground, was another milestone in a long list of accomplishments made by the All Nations Lions Club Budapest in 2009. The club is proud to be able to take part in this project which has a total of 1,5M HUF cost.
Vaccination Project
The All Nations Lions Club Budapest, in collaboration with Vodaphone has been sponsoring the vaccination of the destitute throughout Budapest for the past two years.  This three-stage vaccination procedure takes place during the flu months, from November to March.  These preventative shots protect the recipients from such illness as influenza while providing a means to receive an immunization free of charge.  An estimated 1,000 recipients have benefited from this ongoing project that helps provide funding for both the doctors and nurses. For more information about our ongoing projects please contact us through our website.
Mikulas project 2007

On December 1st, 2007, member’s of the All Nations Lions Club Budapest, and their families gathered at Takarekbank, to begin assembling Mikulas bags for distribution to underprivileged youths in Hungary. With the generous donation provided by such sponsors as Coca-Cola, Parmalat, Rossmann, Nestle, Wrigley, Fontaine, K&H, and Takarekbank, over 1,100 bags were packed for Santa’s holiday delivery.

Small toys, children magazines, juices, candies, chocolate milk and sodas were amongst the items delivered directly into the children’s hands by Santa in low quality settlements near the city of Ozd. With a distributor dressed as Santa, the bags were given to the youths within the Hetes settlement, and it should be noted that this was the first ‘Santa’ to appear there. Other locations that were destinations for the Mikulas bags were the Csalogany School, Zsambek School, the Sarepta Handicapped Children’s Home, the Petho Institute, the Leo Club for Blind Children, Monor, the XVIII district’s Special Education Center and its Woman’s Organization.

We would like to again thank or sponsors for this successful event, and hope that the bags were able to bring some cheer to the children’s holiday season.

Collecting old glasses
This is a global charity activity of Lions International for the "Third World".
Handicapped Children project
We sponsored autistic children for their therapy.
Eye screening

We organized an eye screening for over 100 people including children in need and for large families.  This project financed 100 eyeglasses made by Novák Optika and lenses which were sponsored by Carl Zeiss.

          Carl_Zeiss.jpg                 Novak_Optika.jpg

Nagyecsed project
This charitable endeavor was organized to support an old peoples home, which included the purchase of equipment and furniture.
Shoe project
Shoes received from our sponsors were delivered to the children's home in Zsámbék and Nyiregyháza as extra support for the most needy.
Habitat project
This project supported the building of houses for low income families with children.
Zsámbék project
We continually support the Zsámbék School with a monthly food delivery. Every delivery is supported by our members.
Mikulas project 2006
1000 bags were packed with chocolate, drinks and little toys from our sponsors and delivered to different institutes supporting handicapped people and children in need.
Diabetes Project

We supported several sick children with insulin pumps.