All Nations Lions Club

The Lions Club


The All Nations Lions Club Budapest (ANLCB) was established in 1993 by a group of local and ex-pats entrepreneurs of many different nationalities.

In this way, the ANLCB has managed through the years to deal with significant projects as well as organizations of events to both socialize and raise funds for its core target: TO SERVE.

Scope of our activities (Lions in Hungary)

Under recommendations from the Lions Clubs International, we promote the curing of blindness and organize programs to prevent addictions. Beside this, we All Nations Lions Club of Budapest devote our efforts also to help, as much as we can, all those who are in need (see our Charity programs).

Speaking on a broader range for the Lions Clubs in Hungary, the ophthalmologic foundation of the Hungarian Lions movement has earned international recognition by raising money for setting up Hungary’s first cornea banks in Budapest and Debrecen. Furthermore, the Debrecen clinic, for the first time in Hungary, has launched regular cornea transplantation, and thanks to lobbying by the Lions, most of these expensive operations are financed from social security funds.

Aims in the near future

We aim to continue our charitable work to help people in need. In this year we will organize a concert, a garden party, excursions and other smaller events. Beside this we collect money at two airport boxes. All these focus on fundraising. We use these funds in projects to help our society’s most unfortunate members, to help people who were less lucky than us...

Your support is valuable

It is obvious that to succeed in the above-mentioned aims, we need support. Sponsors participation is of fundamental importance. But also to join us in our events, taking your friends with you, promoting our activity, is a real help for us. There are so many different ways to share our efforts in helping those in need, that really you have only the problem to choose what is more suiting you.

The Lions motto is "We Serve".

Contact us and we will help you to help us.